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EStars Featuring Fortnite: Belfast

EStars featuring Fortnite brings the biggest Fortnite fanatics together to battle it out solo at The National Stadium at Windsor Park. Set in a real-life Fortnite Battleground, you will jump inside our bubble and compete against thousands of other contestants for your chance to claim the Victory Royale and win £25,000!

That’s not all…there’s entertainment and swag, VIP guests and you’ll get to perform your favourite Fortnite dances! If you don’t make it to the final, you’ll still have a shot at winning one of our 600 on-the-spot cash prizes for everything from raking up the most kills to showing off your dance skills.

Immerse yourself in a Fortnite battleground

Gear up, grab your ammo and battle your opponents from inside our state-of-the-art Fortnite battleground complete with both Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles. You don’t have to be the best, ANYONE over 12 can enter the tournament (even noobs and bush campers), so get your tickets now and experience Fortnite like never before!

Claim the Victory Royale

Play to the death for your chance to win one of our awesome cash prizes! The winner of each session will receive £25 but it’s all about making it on to the leader board at The National Stadium at Windsor Park! The overall winner will walk away with £250, 2nd place receives £100 and 3rd place receives £50.

If you place in the “Top 9” at The National Stadium at Windsor Park you’ll win a spot in the final battle in Stamford Bridge, London on 31st March to compete for the ultimate prize – £25,000!!

Further questions?

If you want to learn more about this awesome event just follow this link to our FAQs page.

How to get there

Please click here for directions., you’ll be greeted by our EStars team on the day who will guide you to the correct entrance of our battleground. We can’t wait to see you and the squad at The National Stadium at Windsor Park!