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The Competition Brightons Up

The Amex Stadium played host to the second round of Estars featuring Fortnite, and the home of Brighton & Albion Hove Football Club did not disappoint.

After a fiery first round at Glasgow’s Celtic park it was uncertain what the future of the competition would hold. And while no gamer has beaten Roman Rai’s top score of a Victory Royale and 20 kills, the skill displayed in the South East proved that the standard will only increase as the tournament continues.

Gamers and fans of Fortnite alike flocked to the stadium to meet their favourite characters and battle it out for the Victory Royale. An iconic stadium was once again transformed into a Fortnite battleground complete with a real life battle bus as well as the latest gaming technology ready to test the nation’s top gamers.

Dawoud Dawoud, event caster was stunned by the potential of aspiring gamers at the event. Dawoud commented: “Players were fighting tooth and nail to claim their spot in the finals, achieving the most outrageous plays ranging from falling from the sky to hijack a plane and oneshot the pilot, or long range snipes with RPGs. Some players managed to get 15 kills and more, it was absolutely buzzing with action”

Harry Warren took the number one spot on the Brighton Leaderboard with his highest scoring game consisting of a Victory Royale and 17 kills. Speaking on Harry’s performance, Dawoud said: “Harry is one of the most dangerous players to go up against, he does not shy away from a fight and loves to go aggressive in the early game. He is a man on a mission to claim that top spot in the finals at Stamford Bridge”

The next round of the tournament takes place in Swansea’s Liberty Stadium. This is the one and only Welsh venue in EStars’ quest for the best. Who will join the list of finalists making their way to Stamford Bridge on 31st March to claim the grand prize of £25,000?

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